Administration Ministry

The ministry of Administration supports all other ministries by managing the business and organizational aspects of the ministry. Various responsibilities include typing, event planning, scheduling, and other ministerial needs. Ministry gift: Administration.

Armour Bearers Ministry

This ministry includes those who are called to directly serve the men and women of God. These members attend to the humanity of the messengers of God so that they may concentrate on the divinity of the message. Those with a heart for service and a gifting for personal attention will do well here. Ministry gift: Serving.

Brothers of Purpose Ministry

This ministry provides a supportive brotherhood for the men of Abundant Life Christian Church by helping men develop their individual purposes. These men aspire to act in wisdom during the changing seasons of life. Every man is a member.

Daughters of Virtue Ministry

This ministry supports and encourages all the women of Abundant Life through fellowship, prayer,Word study, and the kingdom virtue of sisterhood. All women are a member.

Deacons/Ushers/Greeters Ministry

This ministry adds a human touch to the procedures of the worship service. Various responsibilities include but are not limited to guiding the offertory time, serving tables, ministering to the human needs of widows/elderly/sick, and assisting in keeping order in the services. Greeting and seating everyone is a vital part of this ministry. People who enjoy problem solving and making sure things get done will enjoy this ministry. Ministry gift: Serving. 

Evangelism Ministry

This ministry prepares the saints to follow the great commission by instructing on how to evangelize. Those with a desire to share the saving power of Jesus with others will do well here. Ministry gift: Exhortation. 

Levites Ministry

The Levites ministry consists of the Elders and Ministers. These spiritual leaders serve under the headship of the Apostle/Bishop and are examples of kingdom citizens through their family relationships, education, and community involvement.